The ConFITence Blueprint - 1:1 Private Coaching

The proven system to lose weight + keep it off without restrictive diets or doing hours of cardio


You don’t know how to start/ next steps…

  • Did you have another late night at work ? Buy whatever was around + realize you’re always tired but have no energy or time to cook/meal prep.

  • You notice the weight starting to snowball and creep right back up. The scale keeps going back and forth and you’re frustrated because you just want to build a healthy sustainable lifestyle

  • You sign up for the gym and go 2-3x a week (or tried to at least in the beginning) but stopped because you felt like you were getting nowhere and didn’t know what to do other than treadmill and stair master

  • You were buying meal preps for a few weeks and thought you could do this yourself but then you couldn’t think of what type of meals you should make or portions

  • You know what you could be doing better but you struggle with motivation, structure, and consistency

  • It’s hard to be consistent because you’re struggling to manage your time effectively

  • You get started but can’t manage to keep yourself accountable

1:1 Private Coaching


Imagine If...

  • You were able to have a foundation of habits: The energy to workout, knowing what to eat and how much to eat and losing weight without stressing about it 24/7

  • You gained comfort in the kitchen and could enjoy the healthy version of your mom’s meals + the cultural food you grew up with #guiltfree #foodie

  • You were able to prioritize yourself, change your mindset and feel proud that you finally put yourself first

  • You had confidence in the gym because you had a simple plan and the structure to know exactly what to do in the gym

  • You knew how to lose weight and keep it off in a sustainable way


The truth is…

What’s holding you back is there’s nothing wrong with you, and you're definitely not broken, you can loose weight and keep it off with the right system and level of support.

The truth is, you’ve never had someone support you fully by breaking down your nutrition, macros, culture and giving you a customized plan that fits your lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle transitions can be hard AF - life happens, you’ll have set backs along the way, that you’ll have to work through and that requires accountability.

The truth is this process takes longer than 21 days.

Many online programs focus on having you do a shit ton of high intensity workouts, going on an extremely restrictive diet, cutting out all the foods you love and encouraging unrealistic and unsustainable behaviors — but studies prove that doesn’t work.

95% of people who go on diets will gain the weight back in 3 years (or less).

We don’t promote short term gimmicks over here.

All of the hype and “what’s popular” feels exciting at first — but what happens when your motivation wears off?

Will you have the skills to be effective and consistent in the long run?

what you need is accountability to lose the weight for good


 WELCOME TO The Confitence blueprint - 1:1 PRIVATE COACHING

*Once we receive your application, we'll review it and if you're a good fit we'll respond via email or DM to set up a call

Welcome to the ConFITence Blueprint 1:1 Private Coaching, your proven system to losing weight and keeping it off!

The CBC is a 6-month private coaching program to help you lose weight and get healthy for good.

The ConFITence Blueprint Curriculum

  • Customized macros

  • 6 in-depth video training modules

  • Daily access to Massi for support

  • A simple workout program + video tutorials

  • Weekly video check-ins for added accountability

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Client Testimonials

Brittney Scott, Licensed Therapist and owner of UnShattered Counseling Services

How Shanice Andino lost 29 inches in just 7 weeks!

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What’s Included?

  • SIMPLE + EFFECTIVE WORKOUT PROGRAM: You'll know exactly what you should be doing at the gym as well as a plan on moving your body more frequently.

  • PROVEN PROCESS FOR RESULTS: No more guessing and wondering if you’re doing the right things - simply follow our step-by-step blueprint, work hard, ask questions, and watch the weight come off.

  • DETAILED CURRICULUM: When you join 1:1 Private Coaching, you’ll be given access to 6 modules of the curriculum. It’s dripped out week-by-week, so you have time to learn & implement before going onto the next step.

  • REAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Massi will help you break your issues down into tangible + distinct parts while giving you actionable advice. Massi keeps it tells it straight out - no tiptoeing around.

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: You’ll gain exclusive access to the highly requested GetFitCookBook with 20+ recipes that we’ll be utilizing during our time together.

I’m down 51lbs! My A1C is at 5.6 (from 8.7 - pre-diabetic is 5.7-6.1) and no more metformin! I’m happier. I’ll be living longer and shit I got my f*cking sexy back!
— Carmen Aponte

"This sounds great and all, Massi, but will it work for me?

Who’s this a good fit for?"

This experience is for you if you:

  • feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with your body and unhappy with how you currently look

  • tried eating healthy/dieting but then you get tired of eating things you don't want to eat

  • don’t have the habit of discipline and consistency towards your health and fitness

  • struggle with consistency in healthy eating, losing weight and/or keeping it off

  • know you need to meal prep but forget or get overwhelmed with tracking

  • are the heaviest you've ever been or struggling with your weight loss

  • struggle with managing your time effectively

This is not for you if you:

  • don’t want to workout or be physically active during the program

  • refuse to cook, plan or meal prep

  • are looking for another quick fix diet

  • want to lose 20 lbs in 2 seconds

  • aren’t open to tracking your meals

  • are against being held accountable

  • are living with a microwave mentality

Mikala Young, Mom + Human Resources Professional

(Massi) You changed my life. I no longer feel the weight and stress of food over my life. I am in control of my health and now I can focus on getting my mental health on track.
— Rose Florian

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Meet Your Coach!

Hey girl heyyyy!

I'm Masiel lovingly known as Massi :)

The founder of the ConFITence Blueprint.

A weight loss and nutrition coach who’s passion is to help busy, ambitious, professional WOC lose weight, feel great and live a healthy lifestyle.

I provide coaching virtually through my group programs and 1:1 private coaching. I’ve personally coached 60+ women, to build the body and lifestyle they've always wanted.

If you want to now exactly how to eat properly, without generic plans and quick-fix gimmicks you've come to the right place.

No more emotional eating, confusion or extreme restriction.

I want to help you feel in control of your life with a proven sustainable system.

Drop the pounds and pick up your confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many slots are there?

Slots are limited. Enrollment is available on an open availability basis. As soon as the slots are filled, enrollment will close. you’ll need to sign up for the waitlist and wait until slots are available again.

When does the program start and finish?

The program begins as soon as you submit your payment and ends at the end of 6 months.

How does the program work?

You’ll receive customized workouts, nutrition coaching as well as a 6-module training course. Each week we’ll meet virtually (via video call) to review your workouts, meals and anything else that came up during the week that you need coaching support with.

How long do I have access to the program?

After enrolling, you’ll have access to this program for as long as it’s available any and all devices you own.

Are the workouts able to be done at home?

Yes…possibly in the beginning. However, this really depending on your goals and schedule. Massi is going to push and encourage you to go to the gym.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, there is a payment plan available.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

We would never want you to be unhappy with your experience. If you find that 1:1 private coaching isn’t the right fit for you, contact us at during the pre-work period and we’ll give you a full refund without any hassle. Please be advised that since this is an information based product and delivery of knowledge cannot be reversed, once the first module is published, we cannot issue refunds.If you're unsatisfied with your purchase.

YOU DON'T have to do it on your own..

 how long would it take you to research, plan and figure out what will work for you on your own? Weeks? Months? Years?

You've purchased a few cookbooks/guides but you only opened them a few times…

& you realize you’re still going in circles…

I’ll help you cut down the time it takes to get to your goals

I've done the 10,000 hours of going through it with my clients and my own extensive research

I've put in the time so that you don't have to.

If you’re a point where you don't want to make anymore excuses and are ready to put the work in,  Take the next step to get the accountability you need.

I gotchu ❤️ click below to apply!