About Me

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I’m the proud daughter of immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic.

My mission is to help women, primarily women of color (WOC) lose weight and feel great without limiting their diets.

My approach to wellness revolves around creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle without giving up our culture, our flavors or who we are.

I teach women in my community that healthy habits are built over time and not with a quick-fix-microwave mentality.

I come from a family of old school Dominicans, where the gap in nutritional knowledge is often huge.

Becoming a weight loss coach has helped me understand that we really CAN have it all when our nutrition and fitness and lifestyle are all in alignment.

I created getfitwithmassi.com as a platform to help other women who look like me, and who come from similar backgrounds, improve their health and fitness without the gimmicks.

My wellness philosophy: 

  1. Do the work

  2. Be Consistent

  3. Embrace what you have while enhancing what you can

My coaching style & personality is mix of Oprah with a dash of Cardi B.

I aspire to inspire but will also keep it REAL - and cute through the bullshit that permeates the fitness industry.

My name is Masiel but my community lovingly calls me Massi.






My Fitness Journey:

In 2012, I was surviving a breakup and was deep into eating my feelings.

My weekends were full of binge eating Ben & Jerry's, inhaling chips, watching Sex & the City re-runs and drinking every weekend.

A few months into my "new single life", I realized I didn't fit into any of my clothes anymore.

My family reminded me everyday that I was getting "gordita"(Dominican's are so petty LOL) and that I needed to lose weight asap.

After feeling really embarrassed about what I'd done to my body I signed up to the gym (like I had done 735 times before).

This time was different thought because I discovered Zumba© and fell in love

What started as a fun fitness class I attended with my girls evolved quickly.

It was actually FUN & didn't feel like I was "working out".

I met so many women and actually gained friends (which was a huge accomplishment for a shy, introvert like me.)

but I finally felt like I had a place where I belonged.

The vibes from my weekly Zumba® classes brought me back to the days as a little girl; dancing with my dad in DR & family parties. Sitting on my abuela’s marquesina in the Dominican Republic and hearing the echoing of the güira and tambora in the damp air of el barrio.  ( I luhhhh my culture!)

The rhythms of the merengue, bachata & salsa in class turned this shy girl into a confident fitness instructor.

I loved Zumba® so much that I decided to become an instructor.

In many ways, I was my first client.

I tried a little bit of everything. Crossfit, Zumba® Running, bootcamps, Cycling, Yoga, Body Pump, etc.

I hired 3 different trainers during my learning process and began to hone my skills and my craft. 

My passion's grew beyond the gym class walls and morphed my entire life when I began to help other women in my community reach their own health and fitness goals.

Every week women would approach me in class and online about HOW to do it. Instead of running from my calling and into my shy shell I connected the dots, became a certified personal trainer and the rest is history.

The comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.

Want to contact me directly?

Email me: Masiel@getfitwithmassi.com or DM me on IG: Instagram.com/getfitwithmassi