What’s Inside

Masiel’s ConFITence Blueprint, is an 90-day experience that includes a 6-module video program (content never shared anywhere else), customized 1:1 coaching and accountability via conference calls every week.

In this program, you’ll receive live coaching calls to help you address specific needs in your lifestyle. These are highly-intimate, calls where we dive into your weekly meal log and workouts to help you eat healthy for good, gain confidence in yourself and learn how to consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The video modules supplement your live coaching calls, so you’re never spending your coaching sessions going over something that can be covered in a video. And if there is something that we haven’t covered -- Massi is just a simple message away.

The Break Down

[Prep Week ] Orientation

  • Using your new food tracking system

  • Navigating your program dashboard in Podia

  • Prepping your mind and body for the next 90-days

  • Downloading the copy of the Ultimate Guide To Clean Eating: GetFitCookBook

Kitchen Reset

  • Healthy kitchen essentials/tools

  • How to easily increase water intake

  • Weekly grocery shopping list

Portion Control

  • How to eat for your specific goals

  • Breaking down meals and creating a balance 

EATING CLEAN & Simple Snacking

  • Learn how to make healthy nutrition decisions on the go (@ the office, in restaurants etc.)

  • How to break out of the diet mentality

  • What to snack on vs top foods to avoid

  • How to prep quick simple recipes quickly

  • Healthy Recipes for Sweet Tooth Cravings

Meal Planning

  • Brainstorming & organizing your weekly plan

  • What to avoid at the supermarket

  • Learn the easy way to dedicate time to go grocery shopping

  • Meal planning tricks (that won’t stress you out)

Meal Prepping

  • 3 steps to create your meals + menu

  • How to add variety and flavor

  • 5 Ways to cook greens

  • Best meal prep system


  • How to set up your schedule for consistency

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