If you want a proven system on how to lose weight, feel great without giving up your favorite foods, you’re in the right place.

You've tried just about everything…

From Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins to almost trying Keto.

You get caught in a cycle of under-eating, which leads to overeating, and you know this isn't manageable.

 You want to feel good about yourself...

You start strong but you realize that you’re weight keeps going up & down over the years.

You're struggling with figuring out your meals but you get stressed, overwhelmed, discouraged and give up.

You don't want to fail at your fitness goals anymore but you don't have time.

Which means you don’t need more information or another diet, what you need is more accountability.

Weight loss

Most personal trainers will give you a workout program with minimal guidance on nutrition.

& if you haven’t noticed - that leads you to no results.

No more yo-yo dieting and programs with little support.

This live online 90-day blueprint is the new proven approach to fat loss.

One that works, not just for the short term but the long term.

I help you save time by teaching you my proven system to fast shopping, cooking, meal prep/planning and the follow-through you need to keep consistent and finally lose the weight for good.

You can lose weight in 90 days with my hands-on, 1 to 1 program that specifically give you the feedback you need to master your food, eating and the gym.

We’ll work together to create fat loss and then create a long-term sustainable healthy eating plan.

You’ll be able to eat balanced meals everyday and incorporate new, flavorful recipes into your diet and simple fat burning workouts.

Before the program, I struggled with indulging in snacks and sweets at the office, along with meal prep. With Massi’s help, I was able to lose 8 pounds just by changing my eating habits alone. How I know the program worked? I successfully avoided the birthday doughnuts at work the month of MY birthday! If you’re looking for sustainable results, without giving up your favorite foods, then this program is for you!
— L'Oreal Thompson Payton

Diets don't work

& that's why "dieters" find themselves starting over and over again.

There's no "one size fits all"

It's time to get off the "diet" and find a way of eating"designed specifically for YOU - your body and your lifestyle.

Why a 90-day Program?

To help you break stubborn weight loss resistance

So much of what we've been "fed" by the diet industry and even major government and health organizations is misleading and wrong.

Women are frustrated, confused, and ready for a change. This 90-Day program with direct 1:1 accountability was created to give you the real-time guidance you need to actually get things done.

How is It different?


Many online programs focus on having you do a sh*t ton of high intensity workouts, killing yourself at the gym, cutting out all the foods you love and encouraging unrealistic and unsustainable behaviors.

All of this feels exciting — at first but what happens when the quick fix is over? Can you still actually execute in the long run?

Instead of being confused or stuck with what works for you, my strategy will teach you how to eat so that it’s customized for your lifestyle, culture, schedule and goals

what you need is accountability to lose the weight for good.