Do you struggle with not knowing the proper way to build your glutes?

Does any of this sound like you?

  1. You signed up for a 30-Day squat challenge and saw ZERO results

  2. You're currently trying to find your booty building answers on Google and it's led to 37 half-way read open tabs.

  3. You get pretty intimidated in the gym and never know the appropriate weight to use when strength training

  4. when it comes to building nothing seems to work

  5. You don't know what to eat or i don't have a meal plan to help me out 

Imagine being able to build your booty without all of the confusion…

When it comes to working on your booty, to make it rounder, fuller & toned you need a strategy a step-by-step guide on exactly how to do it.

 You need a roadmap to follow and someone to hold you accountable so that you don't fall off the wagon everyday. 

& that's where my 5-Day Build-a-booty Course comes in.

My email course will give you 5 days of actionable workout moves, the science you need to know, exactly how to activate the muscles, workout moves & photos to give you the visuals you need to take it to the next level.

 Other challenges give you a guide and then leave you hangin' while you figure out the rest but not with this course.

Here's what you can expect to learn from me each day: 

  • Day 1: Why You Must Say NO To Cardio

  • Day 2: What Studies Say About 10% Glute Activation

  • Day 3: The Secret to Burnin Fat 24/7

  • Day 4: The Best Booty Building Workout

  • Day 5: The #1 Reason You Need to Focus on Nutrition

After taking the challenge you'll finally have the tools you need to see progress in your glutes.

No more guessing or scrollin' through Instagram trying to get the answers from fitness "gurus".  

You'll know exactly how to approach your next workout and how to create a plan that WORKS. 

Happy Building :)