What’s Inside

Masiel’s 8-week online slim down program, is an 8-day experience that includes a 6-module video program (content never shared anywhere else), customized coaching and accountability via conference calls every week.

You gain access to this support, plus a private Slack community so you can connect with other motivated women at your level.

And on top of that, you get direct access to intimate support via our group so Massi can provide accountability, affirmation, tools and tips on a high, strategic level when you need it.

In this program, you’ll receive live coaching calls twice per week to help you address specific needs in your lifestyle. These are highly-intimate, group calls where we dive into your weekly meal log and workouts to help you eat healthy for good, gain confidence in yourself and learn how to consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The 12-Week slim down video modules supplement your live coaching calls, so you’re never spending your coaching sessions going over something that can be covered in a video. And if there is something that we haven’t covered -- Massi is just a simple message away.

The Break Down

[Prep Week ] Orientation

  • Using your new food tracking system

  • Navigating your program dashboard in Podia

  • Prepping your mind and body for the next 8-weeks

  • Downloading the copy of the Ultimate Guide To Clean Eating: GetFitCookBook

Kitchen Reset

  • Healthy kitchen essentials/tools

  • How to easily increase water intake

  • Weekly grocery shopping list

Portion Control

  • How to eat for your specific goals

  • Breaking down meals and creating a balance 

EATING CLEAN & Simple Snacking

  • Learn how to make healthy nutrition decisions on the go (@ the office, in restaurants etc.)

  • How to break out of the diet mentality

  • What to snack on vs top foods to avoid

  • How to prep quick simple recipes quickly

  • Healthy Recipes for Sweet Tooth Cravings

Meal Planning

  • Brainstorming & organizing your weekly plan

  • What to avoid at the supermarket

  • Learn the easy way to dedicate time to go grocery shopping

  • Meal planning tricks (that won’t stress you out)

Meal Prepping: 

  • 3 steps to create your meals + menu

  • How to add variety and flavor

  • 5 Ways to cook greens

  • Best meal prep system


  • How to set up your schedule for consistency

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