Get Fit Cookbook:The Ultimate Guide To Eating Clean (Ebook)

Get Fit Cookbook:The Ultimate Guide To Eating Clean (Ebook)

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Have you been struggling with eating clean? Meal prepping? Shopping? Planning? Scheduling? ALL OF IT? 

If you want to start eating healthy but want to do so by gaining more knowledge, you know that motivation won't be enough.

If you don't have the time or patience to figure it out yourself and you're tired of trying to eat healthy without seeing results you know that something has to change. 

Maybe you've been on multiple diets - you get on one and then you get off. You're in a yo-yo cycle and you something that actually works in the long term.

You don’t need more information. Information alone rarely changes behavior. What you need is a system that helps you implement the right strategy. 

This 35-page E-book for beginners offers you a new way to navigate your daily eating life, cope with stress and overwhelm, and shift your eating for good. 

By thinking things through and writing down what you're going to shop for a week in advance, you can truly start seeing the progress that's felt impossible this entire time.

Here's What's Been Stopping You:

  • You Don't Have Time = I feel you! I have 30 min recipes as well as slow cooker recipes available for quick prep.

  • It's Too Much Work = The little effort I show you how to put into prepping in advance helps you cut the work & time in half.

  • It Costs Too Much= The Grocery Guide will help you buy fresh ingredients that go beyond 1 meal that you can use over the course of several days.

  • Not a Kitchen Pro = I take the work out of it for you by giving you simple dishes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions.

  • Healthy Eating Is Boring & Tastes Like Crap = I don't know about you, but Loaded Sweet Potatoes (pg. 15), Mexican Bowls (pg.16) Slow Cooker Chicken & Quinoa Chili (pg.17.) Luckily for you, I'm completely obsessed with figuring out how to make veggies taste BOMB!

  • My Family Won't Eat Healthy Stuff= There is something for everyone in the E-book

Don't know what you should eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Not sure what you should snack on? What kind of protein should you buy? What are the best snacks for women on the go? After you purchase the Ultimate Guide To Clean Eating E-book you'll have the answers to all of these questions.

You'll understand exactly how to navigate the supermarket, what you need to eat and how to set up your meal prep each week. This beginner's guide will help you perfect your pantry and cooking.

What Else The Book Has That Can Help:

  • 25 Easy Recipes to immediately add to your diet

  • 3-Day Meal Prep System

  • An organic "dirty dozen" must buys

  • Grocery shopping list & recipes

  • Printable weekly meal planner templates

  • Step-by-step on how to eat clean on a budget

  • Substitution lists that everyone in the family can enjoy

My Formula to stop your confusion

  • Kitchen & Pantry Purge

  • Meal Planning + Budgeting

  • Meal Scheduling + Food Log/Agenda

  • Meal Prepping

  • Consistency Strategies

Results You'll Get From The E-Book:

  1. Understand exactly what it means to Eat Clean

  2. Build Lean muscle much more quickly (to lose weight faster)

  3. Know exactly what to buy & how to shop on a budget

What Are Women Saying About The E-Book?


I highly recommend this e-book! A lot of women desire to eat healthier but are a bit lost on what foods to get/not to get. The e-book helped soooo much for my grocery shopping trip. In one word I would describe this e-book as effective. Overall, I absolutely love it it's super helpful!  - Christina Hutchings

My biggest struggle before reading the e-book was prepping ahead of time. The e-book gave me great suggestions for meal prepping. I would recommend this book to someone I know because it gives a concise but thorough amount of information to introduce someone to clean eating. Also, the e-book is non-intimidating. - Jordyn Jamieson

First of all, LOVED it. It's and easy read and straight to the point. Loved the hacks and recipes. - Carmen Aponte