Masiel Encarnación Presents:

How to Eat Healthy for Weight Loss

Free Masterclass


After binge eating on the weekend...

is it hard to find your motivation + discipline and go back to "clean foods?"

Do you:

  • feel like you always go overboard/binge/stress eat and ruin everything?
  • have trouble knowing what to eat at social events/while hanging out?
  • get a lot of cravings for fried foods and sweets?

If ^this^ sounds like you:this could be preventing you from seeing results.

Introducing my new:

How to Eat Healthy for weight loss Masterclass

THe Live virtual class will be on: 

Saturday July 14th

@ 1:30 pM EASTERN/ 2:30 PM CEntral


  • 3 Steps to Banish Binge Eating
  • 5 Ways to Reduce Junk Food
  • Best Healthy Food Swaps

A Little More About Massi

Masiel is an Afro-Latina who doesn’t play about her food, and keeps it real about health and fitness without the gimmicks. She hates all things waist trainers, supplements, and tummy teas. 
She's a Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Zumba Instructor who helps women master nutrition, lose weight, and build muscle in all the right places. Through her virtual programs and courses, she has coached over 45 women to lose fat and build the body they’ve always wanted.

This is a good fit for someone who has tried diets before and is tired of going in circles. They want the keys to making healthy eating taste better and creating a system to do just that.